Birding Chile is a Specialist Tour Operator created in 2005 by people with long experience in nature and wildlife, especially in birds. All they are persons with many years in the field, working all along the country as biologists, guides or even photographers.

We design birding programs focus on our iconic species with an emphasis in offer you an excellent quality of services and give you an authentic experience through this long and narrow geography.


Our Mission

We strongly support the idea that conservation and equilibrium of natural resources and biodiversity is a great value in itself. We also are convinced that only through knowledge and personal experience we make the bases for the conservation of nature. Only through education and knowledge we will be able to project a future in harmony between the human species and the natural environment.

Our Goal

Our goal is to join people and nature together, in an educational process in which we expect to induce conservation manners, acting locally. We understand that this task has two bezels. On one hand there is education and learning from nature. And on the other to respect the natural equilibrium and to get close to nature with the minimum impact, letting it wild. When we manage people into the nature, first we respect nature.

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