Why Chile?


Several reasons may explain your interest in visiting our country. However, seeing it simply, there are reasons originated in birds (or birding), and others that are related to the general characteristics of Chile, ranging from economic to geographic.

We know birds, so we are aware that our country - in the field - have low diversity and few endemics. However, we have reason to convince you to come to Chile and enjoy our birds. We certainly hope to do so with Birding Chile.

We are very clear that the macroeconomic development in Chile puts us in a much improved position relative to our neighbors, and our particular geographical configuration also ends in our favor from the point of view of birding. Other aspects of a cultural nature are also very important in deciding to visit our country.

Finally, once you have decided to come, we invite you to review a brief set of suggestions and tips presented in an official website, so you understand what we are, and your visit to our country more easily and safely. Do not stop reading! Check that info to help yourself!

Do not forget you can ask us what we need to prepare for your visit

Chile is considered one of South America's most stable and prosperous nations. Chile is a leader country in Southamerica, if you look for competitiveness, income per capita level, economic freedom and levels of corruption. Is a country focused in international markets and globalization. Anyway, Chile has a high economic inequality, as show the Gini Index.

The country have a good road's infrastructure, world class accomodations, and a high telecommunications penetration (cell phones and Internet). Private airlines generate good coverage of the whole country and works in a very efficient way.

As we know you need some info about the country and about usual issues for a traveler, we strongly suggest you make a more deep investigation by your own means, and do not follow our information as a last word. We are trying to give you the first step in your own process of investigation about our country.

You should check official sources, to actualize the information, and we suggest you look for info in the next link.

Advices, Suggestions and Info About the Country

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Advices, Suggestions

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